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A tribute to the many volunteers and supporters

who are building our movement

for a stronger New Britain.

A movement of, for, and by the working people of this city.

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New Britain is not immune to the police misconduct that

has plagued the country.

Law enforcement officials must be held accountable for any and all violence and harm in our communities, especially against people of color.

The time for justice is now.


Making sure all residents have the support they need is essential to fostering a healthy and safe community.

That's why I support well-funded schools, affordable housing, and access to mental health services.

The time for community is now.


New Britain is a diverse community of many different races,

ethnicities and cultures.

I am committed to making sure that the needs of all people in the city are represented in City Hall.

The time for solidarity is now.



An interview with both candidates running for the Democratic nomination for New Britain Mayor. Click the headline above to hear their different visions for the city, and decide for yourself which candidate has the plans and ideas to transform New Britain!

Connecticut Public Radio / WNPR

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I am Alicia Hernandez Strong, a community organizer and activist running to become the 41st Mayor of New Britain in 2021.

I am a young, Afro-Puerto Rican working class woman in a city that is largely working class people of color, but has never had a mayor that reflects them — or who shares in their struggles. 

I was raised and educated in New Britain's public schools, received a Bachelor’s degree in Government & Religion from Wesleyan University, and completed a Master’s degree at Yale University.

After graduating from Wesleyan, I served as Executive Director of the Connecticut chapter of the Council on American-Islamic relations. 

I also helped run the New Britain office for Congresswoman Jahana Hayes' first campaign.

After the murder of George Floyd, I co-founded the New Britain Racial Justice Coalition to combat institutional racism in the city.

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I'm running for office after years of seeing the elite and wealthy have far too much power in New Britain's city government.


We need leadership that prioritizes working people. I believe those closest to the problem are closest to the solution.


Having a mayor who shares in the struggles of the majority of our city — a mayor who can empathize and stand in solidarity with working people — is what's needed for the city to serve all of us.

My core values are always the liberation of people from oppressive systems, and changing our government — from a system designed to punish, into a system designed to help.


City government has continued to under fund critical services that our community needs, such as education, housing, and mental health services.


I will prioritize re-funding these services, and pay for it by reallocating funds from high-paid city hall positions and from a bloated, oversized, and overly militarized police department. 

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I have stood up against oppression before,

but I can’t do this alone.

We need a movement of working people demanding justice and 

a government that works for all of us — that begins today.

Join us by chipping in, or come volunteer with our people-powered campaign!

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I'm proud and honored to be joined by 

Richard Lacourciere and Nate Simpson in their campaigns for City Council!

Check out their websites below:


in the movement to transform New Britain!

We have so many opportunities to get involved! To learn about & RSVP to specific events, visit HERE!

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and join Alicia in the fight for the

justice, solidarity, and community

that we all deserve.

Even a dollar helps.