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I am Alicia Hernandez Strong, a community organizer and activist running to become the 41st Mayor of New Britain in 2021.

I am a young, Afro-Puerto Rican working class woman in a city that is largely working class people of color, but has never had a mayor that reflects them — or who shares in their struggles. 

I was raised and educated in New Britain's public schools, received a Bachelor’s degree in Government & Religion from Wesleyan University, and completed a Master’s degree at Yale University.

After graduating from Wesleyan, I served as Executive Director of the Connecticut chapter of the Council on American-Islamic relations. 

I also helped run the New Britain office for Congresswoman Jahana Hayes' first campaign.

After the murder of George Floyd, I co-founded the New Britain Racial Justice Coalition to combat institutional racism in the city.

I'm running for office after years of seeing the elite and wealthy have far too much power in New Britain's city government.


We need leadership that prioritizes working people. I believe those closest to the problem are closest to the solution.


Having a mayor who shares in the struggles of the majority of our city — a mayor who can empathize and stand in solidarity with working people — is what's needed for the city to serve all of us.

My core values are always the liberation of people from oppressive systems, and changing our government — from a system designed to punish, into a system designed to help.


City government has continued to under fund critical services that our community needs, such as education, housing, and mental health services.


I will prioritize re-funding these services, and pay for it by reallocating funds from high-paid city hall positions and from a bloated, oversized, and overly militarized police department. 

I have stood up against oppression before,

but I can’t do this alone.

We need a movement of working people demanding justice and 

a government that works for all of us — that begins today.

Join us by chipping in, or come volunteer with our people-powered campaign!


New Britain is not immune to the police misconduct that

has plagued the country.

Law enforcement officials must be held accountable for any and all violence and harm in our communities, especially against people of color.

The time for justice is now.


Making sure all residents have the support they need is essential to fostering a healthy and safe community.

That's why I support well-funded schools, affordable housing, and access to mental health services.

The time for community is now.


New Britain is a diverse community of many different races,

ethnicities and cultures.

I am committed to making sure that the needs of all people in the city are represented in City Hall.

The time for solidarity is now.



Economic Development

Economic development must be done with working class people in mind. That means prioritizing 

affordable housing and cultivating local entrepreneurs.

For too long City Hall has focused on trying to attract wealthy people & businesses through wasteful spending on downtown aesthetics and costly tax breaks to developers.

Meanwhile, New Britain’s working families are paying unreasonably high taxes without seeing any return. 


New Britain consistently ranks at the bottom in

per pupil spending compared to other Connecticut cities.

I am committed to increasing funding for education, because I recognize that schools not only educate our future leaders, they also provides our children with many critical services that they may not otherwise receive.

Teachers are overworked and underpaid —

this is unacceptable.

I believe our students are a worthwhile investment

for the City to make. 

Public Health & Safety

COVID-19 has exaggerated racial and economic disparities faced by communities like ours.

New Britain has had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state and this is unacceptable.

We need a strong leader who will directly tackle the accessibility issues making access difficult for poor communities and communities of color.

It will take more than just billboards,

we need a city-wide campaign. 

and join Alicia in the fight for the

justice, solidarity, and community

that we all deserve.

Even a dollar helps.




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How Erin Stewart's Budget Misses the Point

Facebook Live   May 11   6pm

Alicia went live on Facebook with her thoughts on Erin Stewart’s budget. Watch at this link and drop your thoughts in the comments!


Real Talk About New Britain with Alicia

Zoom   May 6   7pm

Alicia hosted a solutions-based talk about the issues facing
our communities in New Britain. Recording available soon!

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Democratic Primary (Voting Day!)
September 14, 2021 (Tuesday)

Absentee Ballots:
Available starting August 24, 2021

Your absentee ballot can be returned up until and on Election Day! Even if you apply for an absentee ballot, you can still head to your polling location to vote in-person on Election Day.

Voter Registration
Deadline for in-person and absentee ballot registration: September 13, 2021 (Monday)

Register online at this link!
Check your registration at this link!

Restored Voting for Convicted People

If you are have a conviction on record, you are still eligible to have voting privileges restored upon paying all fines related to your conviction

(and upon release from confinement, and, if applicable, parole).

1) Register online if you have a CT DMV ID;


2) Contact the New Britain Registrar of Voters to obtain a voter registration card. You can also obtain voter registration cards from any public library, the DMV, DSS, or any other voter registration agency.

Fill out the voter registration card and submit the card to the Registrar of Voters either in person or by mail.

We are more than ready to provide voter registration cards, help people fill them out, and deliver them to the voter registration office!



"But seeing what’s been disregarded and what’s been prioritized has bothered me. I’ve tried other ways to influence local politics, but I’ve realized if we really want to make true change in the city, we need new leadership."

Hartford Courant

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in the movement to transform New Britain!

We have weekly in-person volunteer nights every Wednesday 6-9 pm! RSVP HERE!